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EU Commission: migrants are not a burden on welfare and services
The EU Commission has published a report of an extensive study into the impact of 'non-active mobile EU citizens on social security' across member states.


Challenge to legality of data-sharing between Hospitals and Home Office


The Court of Appeal has granted leave to challenge efforts by the Home Office to obtain the medical records of patients receiving treatment in NHS hospitals.





Is the tide beginning to turn on family migration?


One thing's for sure under a Coalition Government. Things where PM doesn't have consensus among his party are far from set in stone. Conservative MP, Andrew Percy, is the latest from the backbenches to call for a debate on spousal visas.





Home Office appealing ruling on family migration income threshold
The Home Office filed its appeal against a High Court judgement on the minimum income threshold for family migrants.




Keep the Public Sector Equality Duty
ROTA (Race on the Agenda) has launched a petition to keep the Public Sector Equality Duty, which is the only provision within the law to fight institutional discrimination.


Call for annual 'Windrush Day' to celebrate migration launched

A group of people prominent in public life has issued a call for the 22 June to be celebrated each year as 'Windrush Day'.



MAC calls for more non-EU seasonal workers from 2014
Migration Advisory Committee said that British farmers should be able to recruit a sufficient number of seasonal workers in the first two years after restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians are lifted.


3 reasons why the new bond scheme for visitors looks like a bad idea


More detail about this scheme is expected from the Home Office in due course, but based on the information gleaned from media coverage, here are some key areas of concern.




Royal Assent given to the abolition of family visit appeal rights
The provision in the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which allows the abolition of the right of appeal which currently extends to family members wishing to come to the UK for the purpose of a visit has now been granted Royal Assent.


Migration does not provide a reason to cut social welfare benefits – but if does explain why we should all work together for decent jobs
We are told that welfare benefits need to be cut in order to push natives into the sort of jobs migrants are now doing. This dangerous logic will impoverish even more people, and there IS an alternative.


Finally a solution for the stateless – Welcoming new Immigration Rules
Following a significant amount of advocacy new Immigration Rules introduced a dedicated UK statelessness determination procedure which offers a lifeline to stateless migrants.


Plans to impose charges for NHS treatment for anyone not permanently settled

The Secretary of State for Health set out plans for a new regime of charges for NHS treatment for people residing in the UK without permanently settled status.


Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payments and Council Tax reductions to become 'public funds' under new immigration rules


The Home Office is proposing a new set of changes to the immigration rules which it intends to see brought into force on 1st April. 




                     NEW REFUGEE children and YOUTH GROUP (ages 0-25+)


For one to one support, friendship, art and fun please come along to one of ourworkshops.


Sessions are every Thursday 4pm—7pm and saturday and sunday from 13:00pm to 17:00pm @ Teamwork headquarters. Refreshments provided.


Contact Suzanne Bisani  on 07438635690 @BNCN office,  1 Piers Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 0UY







Updated Right to work in the UK


 Updated Border Agency guidance on checking right to work in theUK.



Changes to criteria for tier 1 (entrepreneurs, investors and exceptional talent) and tier 2 (skilled) visas over the past year. 

New tier 5 provision for permitted paid engagements allows some academics, professionals and entertainers to enter the UKand do paid work for up to one month, without formal sponsorship.


A case where it was held to be race discrimination not to allow job applications from people who are not EEA nationals.



Workers registration scheme for nationals of most central and eastern European EU member states ended last year.

Work authorisation rules for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania extended until 31 December 2013.

 Rules similar to those for Bulgaria and Romania expected to apply when Croatia joins the EU on 1 July 2013.


Changes to rules for family members of European Economic Area nationals – in effect from 8 November 2012.





























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