BNCN Provides or signposts to a number of services to support new communties settle into Birmingham. This section details some of those, and we are always seeking out and developing new relationships for the benefit of our users and members.


Birmingham New Communities Network (BNCN) was established in March 2004 to "improve the quality of life of all the communities in Birmingham and its surrounding areas, by promoting the health, education, social Wellbeing and economic stability of communties settling through migration within the Birmingham area".

See 'Definitions' : description of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants >

The Birmingham New Communities Network was first launched as a network for migrant and refugee community organisations in Birmingham.


Services Include:

  • Capacity building for small organisations
  • Support services & social activities
  • Education & pathways to employment
  • Benefits & housing advice
  • Citizenship support
  • Asylum & immigration advice
  • Health activities & advice


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