Education & Employment

Many members of new and migrant communities arrive in the United Kingdom with advanced skills and expertise in numerous fields of work, but may be restricted by conditions of stay, language skills, unfamiliarity with UK systems and procedures.


BNCN aims to find ways of assisting people in making the most of these skills, and helping others to develop new skills that will help those eligible to access training and work.


See 'Definitions' : description of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants >


To this end we seek to provide or signpost to:

  • Tailored advice and support enabling users to realize their maximum potential
  • Help and support to develop language and communication skills
  • Assistance with writing CV's and applying / preparing for work
  • Meaningful work experience and / or volunteer placements
  • advice on small-scale social enterprise initiatives
  • Collaborative programmes that meet the above aims


We already provide training for community researchers and can also help your organisation with evaluation, community market analysis, commissioning and engaging with hard to reach groups.


In a report called 'Refugee Professionals' by City Parochial Foundation and human rights organisation. Praxis, it is stated that;

'Refugees and asylum seekers face many hurdles on the way to restarting their lives and becoming settled and independent in what for most is a strange environment.

'Many refugees hold professional qualifications from their original homeland and face the additional problem of achieving recognition for these – or in some cases completing their education – so that they can take on appropriate work which will help them gain that independence and make a valid contribution to their new home.


'Under the rules of the Job Seekers Allowance, careers advisors in Job Centres link refugees and asylum seekers eligible for work with a category of long term unemployed people and encourage them into low paid work rather than developing their longer term potential. This is partly because they are dealing with general issues and do not always have the detailed knowledge needed for these special cases'.
You can read or download the full report here.


Further details regarding programmes of work referred to on this page will be added in due course as they arise.


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