Asylum & Immigration

BNCN knows that settling into a new city can be a traumatic time. Our experience in supporting families in Birmingham is second to none.


We understand the presures and difficulties you have and we believe that supporting the family unit is integral to enabling you to settle and succeed in unfamiliar surroundings.


We therefore pride ourselves on the family support we provide or signpost to which includes:


Asylum & Immigration Advice:


Advice is provided through a network of member organisations, statutory and voluntary sector agencies / collaborators / partners, and a small team of BNCN volunteers having had the experience of going through the procedures themselves.


See 'Definitions' : description of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants >


A range of complimentary support services (outlined below) are also available.


Training for Adults:



  • Driving Theory
  • Work Experience
  • Building your own enterprise


  • We can help you access childcare
  • We can help you apply for childcare support
  • We are currently developing a culturally sensitive childcare service
  • Access to creche facilities whilst training

Accessing Education:

  • We often run business and training courses which will help you gain work
  • We can link you to mainstream education
  • We can support you with basic needs such as ESOL and IT skills

Health and well being:

  • At BNCN we can help you access health services
  • We run a variety of education programmes
  • We run a number of social activities for new communities
  • We provide community research to help inform the wider community and statutory sector of new communities needs

Accessing childcare benifits and tax credits:

If you have been given leave to stay there are a number of benefits and services that can help. Our trained advisers can discuss your needs with you confidentially and help you access support that you need.


Further details regarding programmes of work referred to on this page will be added in due course as they arise.


All enquiries: