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We work with a range of organisations and statutory groups that provide support to improve your health. Also see our case studies from our Refugee and Asylum Seekers Mental health research.


As Nye Bevan explained when he created the NHS:
“One of the consequences of the universality of the British Health Service is the free treatment of foreign visitors. This has given rise to a great deal of criticism, most of it ill informed and some of it deliberately mischievous… The whole agitation has a nasty taste. Instead of rejoicing at the opportunity to practice a civilized principle, Conservatives have tried to exploit the most disreputable emotions in this among many other attempts to discredit socialized medicine.”


To this end we seek to provide or signpost to:

  • Identifying culturally appropriate services
  • Access to mental health and clinical psychology services
  • Advice and activities exploring diet and nutrition
  • Mother and child health programmes and initiatives
  • support in accessing medical services and disability benefits

See 'Definitions' : description of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants >


Forced human migration is a significant public health challenge. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that one in every thirty persons in the world will be a formal or informal refugee at some point in his or her life. Furthermore, 95 percent of all refugees are estimated to come from, and reside in, developing countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where health status is already compromised.


Refugee health is also a critical mother-and-child issue, as approximately 80 percent of all refugee populations around the world are comprised of women and children, with children accounting for 50 percent of these groups.


The following article puts the case forward very strongly for equal healthcare for migrant communities:

Access to Primary Health Care for migrants is a right worth defending

Wayne Farah (Chair of the Migrants’ Rights Network)


Further details regarding programmes of work referred to on this page will be added in due course as they arise.


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