BNCN is led by a team of volunteer Directors who provide the strategic direction for the organisation.


Our Trustees are made up of key individuals with specific skills, members of new communities and interested groups / consultants.


Our trustees are elected by our members on a rotational basis and some can be co-opted. Below you will see biographies of trustees holding specific positions within BNCN Governance Board.


BNCN works within the National Occupational Standards [NOS] for good governance. Elections of rotated staff are taken at our Annual General Meetings which are open to all members.


Chair: Details to follow


Treasurer: Details to follow


Secretary: Suzanne Bisani - Director / Projects Manager


The Secretary posiiton is currently being filled by Suzanne. As an employed member of staff Suzanne is only able to report to the board and deal with secretarial duties required by law. Suzanne does not have a vote.

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