Community Research

Accredited Research Training for Community Consultants


The programme was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and delivered by:

  • Birmingham New Communities Network (BNCN)
  • the University of Birmingham Centre for Urban and Regional Studies and Community Resource and Information Services [CRIS].

This project was twofold in that it: This programme is managed by an advisory panel which consists of:

  • BNCN / The University of Birmingham,
  • Enterprising communities,
  • BE Birmingham (Birmingham’s Strategic Partnership),
  • The Digbeth Trust.

It arranges for community activists from within the network to become trained and accredited community researchers, they are then able to secure paid employment.


Download the research reports:

  1. They Don't Understand The Problem I have - Mental Health Research
  2. Now I Do It By Myself- Refugees Esol Research and eveluation